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Darryl Lim

Kingston Scottish Festival 2018 – Sponsored by Ontario Power Generation

Solo Registration Information

Cut-off date for solo entries (including snare drumming) is 9:00 PM Friday May 11, 2018.
Cost: $10.00/event

This year, in recognition of the Rob Roy Pipe Band’s long-time commitment to
instruction of youth in the community, we have revamped our solo events. This will
be a departure from the events typically offered in Ontario and more closely follows
the structure of similar events held in Scotland. It is our hope that this will develop
into a significant competition for the youth within our piping and drumming

There are 3 age categories for each. Any individual wishing to compete must enter in the appropriate age category. Competitors are not permitted to play in higher age groups. i.e. if you are 14 at the time of Rob Roy-Kingston Scottish Festival, then you must compete in the 15 and under event (and are not permitted to compete in the 18 and under events).

Drumming Registration will be taken online only. No registration on the day.

To register for solo competitions, please choose the desired events below.

Note 1: The KSF is not sanctioned by the PPBSO or any other Society, however, unless otherwise noted the contest will follow the standard rules of the PPBSO.
Note 2: All competitors must register within the appropriate age bracket, regardless of solo grading levels.
Note 3: Competitors in the practice pad and practice chanter events must never have played in a piping or drumming event and may use music.
Note 4: For each event, only 1 selection is to be submitted.
Note 5: Online refunds available until the registration cut-off date.

The Paypal transaction must be completed finish the registration process

If you wish to pay by credit card, choose “Don’t have a PayPal account?” in the Paypal screen.
* Refunds are only available before registration cut-off. Please contact us using the Contact form.


Kingston Scottish Festival Band and Solo Competition Entry Form 2018

Online Solo Registration Form

Please complete all mandatory fields marked with *
Once you are passed to the paypal payment screen select “Do not have a paypal account” which will allow you to pay via credit card.

Solo Registration is now closed

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