Instructions for Bands – 2019


Instructions for Bands Document

General / Meetings / Massed Bands

  • Thank you for attending the Kingston Scottish Festival. We hope you enjoy the day.
  • Please note that there is no admission charge; however we do charge $5.00 for each vehicle for parking.
  • PLEASE ADVISE IF YOUR BAND IS BRINGING A BUS. Cost for bus parking is $20.
  • Please note that there is NO band meeting scheduled. Please direct any unanswered questions to the registration desk.
  • There is NO Opening Massed Bands.
  • Closing Massed Bands will be at 4:30 p.m.. We ask that bands assemble on the field. We will play:
    1. Scotland the Brave & Wings
    2. Green Hills & Battle’s O’er
    3. Amazing Grace
  • All tunes will be played at the halt.

Contest Timing

  • Grade 5 March Medley – MacKay-Johnstone (P), Eller (P), Kirkwood (D), Worrall (E)
    1. 12:30
    2. 12:40
    3. 12:50
    4. 1:00
    5. 1:10
    6. 1:20
    7. 1:30
    8. 1:40
  • Grade 4 March Medley –
    1. 2:00
    2. 2:10
    3. 2:20
    4. 2:30
  • Grade 3 Medley –
    1. 2:50
    2. 3:00
    3. 3:10


    Practice Space

    • Please do NOT practice near the dancing competition area or within earshot of the band circle and final tuning area.

    Stewards & Final Tuning

    • Stewards will direct bands to the final tuning area.
    • Stewards have been directed to keep the competition on schedule.

    Contest Rules

    • This event is NOT sanctioned by the PPBSO; however, tune requirements, time limits and the minimum number of players are the same as the PPBSO.
    • All judging is according to PPBSO rules. There will be 2 piping judges, 1 drumming judge and 1 ensemble judge. All band ties are broken by ensemble.

    Awards & Contest Conclusion

    • The top 3 bands in each grade will be announced. Only the top 2 bands will receive prize money. Only the winning band need come forward to receive a trophy.
    • All scoresheets and summary sheets are available at the conclusion of the contest from the registration desk.
    • We ask that the winning bands march off the field, starting with Grade 3.
    • We HOPE that bands will stay to enjoy our food and beer tent at the end of the day. We invite bands and soloists to play in the beer tent.