Band Order of Play

Competition Year 2018

* Draw will be performed the week of the competition.

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Judges:  Mackay-Johnstone (P), Eller (P), Kirkwood (D), Worrall (E) 

Pipe Band – Gr.5 March Medley

Order Play Time Band
1 12:30 PM Connie Blaney Memorial Youth Pipe Band
2 12:40 PM Rob Roy Pipe Band Gr.5
3 12:50 PM Smiths Falls Gordon Pipe Band
4 1:00 PM Syracuse Scottish Pipe Band
5 1:10 PM Kingston Police Pipe Band
6 1:20 PM Pipes and Drums of Lindsay
7 1:30 PM Sons of Scotland
8 1:40 PM Glengarry Grade V

Judges: Mackay-Johnstone (P), Worrall (P), Kirkwood (D), Eller (E)

Pipe Band – Gr.4 – March Medley

Order Play Time Band
1 2:00 PM Barrie Pipes and Drums
2 2:10 PM Paris Port Dover Pipe Band
3 2:20 PM Durham Regional Police Pipes and Drums
4 2:30 PM 8 Wing Pipes and Drums

Judges: Worrall (P), Eller (P), Kirkwood (D), Mackay-Johnstone (E)

Pipe Band – Gr.3 Medley

Order Play Time Band
1 2:50 PM Ottawa Highlanders Pipes and Drums
2 3:00 PM Glengarry Pipe Band Gr 3
3 3:10 PM Rob Roy Pipe Band Gr.3

Judges: Mackay-Johnstone (P), Eller (P), Kirkwood (D), Worrall (E)